Easy Puncture Repair Kit


  1. Tyres

Good tyres will reduce the probability of punctures.  Unless your racing, I would recommend at a minimum getting some 25mm Gatorskins. 25mm have also been scientifically proven to be faster than 23mm as they deform less.

Hand pump

To reinflate the punctured tube.

2 Inner tubes

Personally I have not found patches to very good.  At best they can get you home, but haven’t found them useful beyond 5 miles.  If you have space carry 2, but minimum 1.  They are relatively cheap, and hoepfully with good tyres and pothole awareness, you will rarely need to use them.  Keep the tubes wrapped in a carrier bag/plastic  to protect from damage.

Tyre lever

To help you remove the tyre quickly.  If your starting out carry 3 to be safe.  As you get more confident, you’ll be able to get away with 1.

Tyre Patches

For when you are having one of those days / rides.  They will allow you to get home even if you have stop occassionally to reinfalte.  have you noticed I like redundencies.

With the exception of the pump I’ve been able to fit all of this into frame bag, which stays in the bottom of my rucksack.


Top 10 for New Cyclists

urban cycling london bridge

You’re committed to the idea.  Your bike is ready.

  1. Helmet – Safety 1st
  2. Lock – Keeping your bike secure
  3. Lights – Making sure you can seen if low light conditions
  4. Hi-Vis –
  5. Waterproof jacket – Arriving drenched is no fun
  6. Spare Inner tube – quickest solution to a puncture
  7. Tyre Lever – to remove the tyre quyickly to change inner tube
  8. Mutli-tool – you’ll rarely use
  9. Gloves – More comfortable on longer rides
  10. Glasses – Eye protection

Getting into Cycling

urban cycle womenChoosing a bike can be very overwhelming for a beginner.  There are 1000s of blogs and an almost limitless amount of choice.  However there are a few things I would recommend keeping in mind.

1. Budget

For your first bike try to limit your spend to £300 and no more £500 for a number of reasons:

You will need to factor in buying a helmet, lock, lights, pump.

You may discover that cycling is not for you.   It could be safety concerns, lifestyle, logistics.

2. Where to buy

Halfords / Cycle Republic

Carrera and Boardman bikes available at entry level prices.

Good service Plans available – £40 for 3 annual services.


Very good bikes at great prices.  Often voted best value.

Con: Not everyone can get to a Decathlon


Wide selection and knowledgeable staff on ad to help.  Beware of the other side of this that they may try to sell you a higher-spec bike than you need.

3. Style

At this level of cycling, you don’t need all the bells and whistle.  So when choosing a model.  i think it can be good to simply pick a bike you like the look of.  Colour, Branding, Feel.

4. Test ride

I would advise taking test ride in a shop first, even if you end up ordering online.  If you do order online be sure to have the bike delivered “assembled if possible”.

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